Cat Sitting


Cat Sitting is for a cat that loves to spend time sleeping in their own special place.


A cat who enjoys playtime and cuddles before curling up for another few hours of nap time.


A cat that is happy with familiar sounds, smells and food.


A cat who is content to stay home with their best friends.


Cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day!


Totally Tails can come to your home to ensure your cat is happy and content while you are away or just unable to care for them at the time.


Cat sitting can include:

  • feeding 
  • daily cleaning of litter tray, food and water dishes
  • a brush
  • lots of cuddles, pats and playtime
  • Administering of any medication or treatment 


Cat sitting is approximately a 30 minute visit tailored to your personal needs. Twice daily visits can be booked if required.


All home visits may include (free of charge):

  • the collection of mail and bins
  • watering of indoor plants
  • opening and closing of blinds
  • Turning on /off lights