Puppy Playtime


Do you have a young pup that is left alone for most of the day?


This is a half hour service and includes:

  • A lunch time feed.
  • Plenty of playtime to ensure that your pup is relaxed and not fretting while you are away.
  • Reinforcement of basic commands that your pup would be learning at puppy school such as here, sit and stay.
  • Practice walking on a lead.
  • Continuation of your toilet training regime.
  • An update of your pets welfare after the visit


Young pups really need a lunch time feed as they are growing fast and digest food quickly. I understand that in reality our schedule doesn’t always allow for this. A feed and play does help them relax for the afternoon while awaiting the arrival of mum, dad or family.


Practicing basic commands for a short time each day is all that is needed to ensure your pup learns these vital skills. I find pups really enjoy the company and are very excited when they have someone to play with.


Once your pup has outgrown playtime it can then move onto dog walking.